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Posted by sue crane on 29/04/2015

hi, i went to this garage sale last year and had a lovely day, got lots of bargains and met some nice people.lovely way to spend the day. cant wait till the 9th may

Posted by Julie on 17/04/2015

Looking forward to this years sale - got some great bargains last year!

Posted by pearl on 11/05/2014

Came along, but obviously too late for a decent bargain. Was told by a villager that folk arrive at 11 am, will have to try and get over earlier next year. Hope all your charity stalls made good money,its a good feeling give something back.

Posted by Heddy on 29/03/2014

Loved the garage sale last year, was the first time we had been, enjoyed walking round the lovely village, look forward to this years.

Posted by Claire on 04/04/2013

Me and OH went last year. got some great kids stuff and a table. Will be at this years sale for sure.

Posted by Dave on 07/03/2013

Looking forward to selling again this year, we made loads of cash last year just by emptying the garage and spare room!

Posted by Mary bland on 07/03/2013

Can't wait til this years garage sale, it's such fun we love it.

Posted by chris on 10/05/2011

went last year for the first time cant wait for this years c u there

Posted by betty on 02/05/2011

so looking forward to this years garage sale its the best day of the year, can't wait.

Posted by clare brown on 26/04/2011   Email

really brilliant and well worth an afternoon out! after last year this year is already on our calendar!.